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Camino Portuguese with a side of London 2017

I know, I know……I’ve turned into a Camino bore.  The Hermitage has been very quiet all winter, as Hermitages should be.   The main activity has been working on getting a 62 year old body back into shape to do … Continue reading

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Protected: Pilgrimage – Camino Santiago de Compostela

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Thailand, Land of Smiles: Part 5 – Of Massage and the Shadier Side of Things

  For those who have never had a full Thai massage, especially one IN Thailand, a word of caution:  they can be incredibly painful.  Some sources will tell you that they’re supposed to be on the edge of  painfulness to … Continue reading

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Thailand, Land of Smiles – Part 4: The Ancient City, Bangkok

Grand Palace Compound On returning to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, I stayed in the Ancient City area along the Chao Phraya River.  Bangkok didn’t become the capital of Thailand until the 1780’s after the Burmese destroyed Ayutthaya, so it’s not precisely … Continue reading

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Thailand: Land of Smiles, Part 3 – Bangkok Blues

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Arriving at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, you’ll notice an unusual design element – the airport’s architects have included arches in the abstracted shape of the Ram Thai Crown from Thai traditional dance.  When you see them, that’s your cue to … Continue reading

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Thailand: Land of Smiles, Part 2: Brave New World, A Very Long Flight, and Praise for the Singaporeans

The Singaporeans, Changi Airport, Singapore Getting to Thailand from the Eastern United States is best accomplished by begging your doctor for Sedative-Hypnotics finding 1.) the quickest route available that doesn’t land you in Bangkok after the metro closes for the night or … Continue reading

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Thailand: Land of Smiles, Land of …… what alternate universe is this? Part 1, Introduction

Hopefully these posts on Thailand travel won’t earn me some Tedious Blogger of the Week award, because I do value you, my blogging friends, and would not want to bore you to tears.  To spare both of us,  I’m breaking … Continue reading

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Montmartre, 2000 It began innocuously enough.  I was on an Edith Wharton binge – for those unfamiliar with her writing, she uses French phrases as if she assumes her readers would sans aucun doute know precisely what she was saying.  I … Continue reading

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