Some pictures for Cynthia

For blogging friend extraordinaire, Cynthia Reyes (.com), who I have walked some time in honor of during this hike, here are some pictures of Good Homes seen along the way in France and Spain:

Tonight I’m in Llanes, which a Spanish speaker tells me is pronounced “YAH-nez”. There are houses here called “Casas Indianos”. They are mansions built during a time after many from the Northern coast of Spain had gone abroad to the Americas to find a way of making a living during a time of hardship in Northern Spain. These mansions were built as fruits of their labor overseas.

Just beyond Unquera in the North of Spain. It’s been turned into a hiker hostel.

Spanish Colonial? This is in San Sebastián, Basque Country. San Sebastián was one of, if not the, most beautiful and vibrant cities I’ve ever visited.

Chambre d’Hôte “Les 3 Cochons d’Olt” in Arcambal, France (just northeast of Cahors).  “D’Olt” is supposed to be a designation for some of the villages along the Lot River.  A little luxury amid the hiker hostels and spartan monastery cells.

These places are probably mostly facades for rooms dug into these cliffs. They seem almost pasted on there. Troglodyte caves? Along the cliffs lining the Célé River valley.

The other Chambre d’Hôte on the France section – Chemin des Anges, Figeac, France

Today was a beautiful seaside walk. The pictures will be on NotesfromaHike later. You’re right about travel making coming home more dear, Cynthia!

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6 Responses to Some pictures for Cynthia

  1. alexraphael says:

    I hope you blog again 🙂

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  2. Gallivanta says:

    What a fascinating and beautiful hike.

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  3. Hooray for these photos and your walks, Beth! Thank you very much. Is it okay for me to reblog one day soon? I loved San Sebastian! I was there for work years ago, just after Canada and Spain had their fish war. Thanks again for these lovely pictures, Beth. I look forward to more.

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