Compte à Rebours: Chemin St Jacques, Le Puy route


It used to be that I left on trips delighted by the sound of rolling suitcase wheels and thrilled by the G-force of the plane’s liftoff into a new adventure.  Nowadays, I hoist my backpack and mutter to myself:  “Time to go and let the world beat the snot out of me again”.  But I’m evidently not QUITE done yet, so I go, adonnée, flinging myself out into the world to find some beauty and novelty, and hoping to return in one piece.

The journey to Aumont-Aubrac in France begins on May 28, 2018…….hopefully without being derailed by the French train strikes or having to stop and attend to too many of the snags that occur with travel in the Age of Maybe We’ll Get You There, Maybe We Won’t.

If all goes well, I’ll be starting across the Massif Central on June 1 and staying in Gites, Chambres d’Hotes, the convent-hospederia in St. Come d’Olt and the Abbaye St-Foy in Conques.  I’ll take the Céle variant to see the cave-paintings at Pech Merle.  The route is said to pass through one charming medieval hilltop town after the next (and is also said to be one of the tougher mountain routes of the many to Santiago de Compostela).  It will be my 8th trip through France, but probably the one where most French is required, as this trail is mostly hiked by the French as part of the GR footpath system

I’ll find a beautiful day and hike it in honor of blogging friend Cynthia Reyes ( – author/journalist, francophone, femme du monde).  One that involves both spectacular views and a charming gite that is someone’s Good Home, I think.

After Cahors, I’ll train down to Spain and do a few days of coastal walking and then go down to Oviedo to start across the Asturians on the Primitivo route to Lugo and Santiago.  I’m hoping to get to the monastery at Sobrado dos Monxes this time.

Thanks to husband Tom for his love and support, and for staffing the Adventure-Gone-Wrong-Hotline for these long trips.  And for looking in on Hide-and-Seek Louie and checking to make sure that my house hasn’t burned down.  Thanks also to family, friends and blogging friends for the connection while out there on the trail as a solo randonneuse.

So I’m off then.  I’ll send Notes from a Chemin via



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3 Responses to Compte à Rebours: Chemin St Jacques, Le Puy route

  1. lizcallahanpgh says:

    Just wanted to let you know I am reading! You are a great writer. 🙂


  2. And you will set off with our best wishes and a few prayers that all go well, Beth. You are a brave woman and my thoughts will be with you a lot during this time. And thanks in advance for hiking on my behalf — and in my honour — on a beautiful sunny day. That means a lot!

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